Racial Discrimination Act

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The Victorian Labor Party is opposed to the Abbott Government’s plan to make it easier for people to be racially vilified.

Daniel Andrews, Leader of the Victorian Labor Party, has written to the Attorney-General, George Brandis, expressing our opposition to the proposed changes.

In a joint statement, Indigenous, Greek, Jewish, Chinese, Arab, Armenian and Korean communities have also vehemently opposed the removal of section 18c and have written to the Attorney-General.

Labor believes that individuals should feel free and protected from unfair discrimination based on race, colour, or national or ethinic origin. As such, we do not support the removal of section 18C of the Act.

Australians deserve to have political leaders that show leadership. It is not leadership when our leaders stand up and say being a bigot is a right we need to preserve in law.

To see the letter to the Attorney-General, click on the link below.

Letter to George Brandis