May 2013

Housing: Olympia initiative

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The action I seek is from the Minister for Housing, and I ask her to detail the addresses of the new public housing properties funded by the taxpayer that have been let to public housing tenants in the 3081 postcode under the Olympia housing initiative. I seek those details because the minister will recall that she has committed under her… Read More »Housing: Olympia initiative

Government: policy initiatives

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I am pleased to rise to make a contribution in relation to the matter of public importance.  I would like to start my remarks by pointing out that I came to this place to uphold standards of decency and integrity in public office, particularly in relation to Labor values of defending the rights of people in the workplace, and to… Read More »Government: policy initiatives

Budget: Ivanhoe electorate

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Schools in the Ivanhoe electorate have missed out on capital works funding for the third year running under the Liberal state government. Despite increasing school enrolments across all local primary and secondary schools, the Napthine Liberal government has ignored local families and school communities. This is three strikes in three years against the Napthine Liberal government, which has failed to… Read More »Budget: Ivanhoe electorate