March 2016

Rosanna Road intersections

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I refer to an article in the Heidelberg Leaderof 15 March headed ‘Young lives at risk — mum pleads for safety’, and I quote: A worried mum is begging Banyule council to step in before someone is killed by speeding cars running red lights at a busy Rosanna Road intersection. And while authorities have a plan to fix the dangerous crossing,… Read More »Rosanna Road intersections

Rosanna – Banyule Roads

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My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the action I seek is that the minister assess and fund safety improvements for pedestrians at the traffic light intersection at Banyule and Rosanna roads, Rosanna. I note from an article in the Heidelberg Leader, ‘Young lives at risk — mum pleads for safety’: A worried mum is… Read More »Rosanna – Banyule Roads

Heidelberg West Commonwealth Bank closure

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I am very disappointed that tomorrow the Heidelberg West branch of the Commonwealth Bankof Australia, located at 8–10 The Mall, Heidelberg West, will close. I am very concerned that the closure of this branch will impact the long-term viability of The Mall and the livelihood of those many small businesses that rely on local residents to shop there when they visit… Read More »Heidelberg West Commonwealth Bank closure