Banyule Community Health

The action I seek is that the Minister for Health visit the Banyule Community Health service in my electorate of Ivanhoe. I just say as a matter of declaration, of course, that my wife, Anita, is also a board member at the Banyule Community Health service. It has campuses in both Greensborough and Heidelberg West. The Heidelberg West campus was rebuilt under Labor back in the mid 2000s under the then Minister for Health, Bronwyn Pike, and then Premier Steve Bracks, great beacons of support for our community. They and the member for Bundoora, whose wife in fact is a former board chair at Banyule Community Health, and of course the member for Eltham were all very strong supporters of our community health service, along with the federal member for Jagajaga, Jenny Macklin.
I would like to pay tribute to Jim Pasinis, who is the retiring chief executive at Banyule Community Health and who gave decades of work to the Banyule Community Health service, and I would like to welcome Mick Geary, who is the new CEO at the Banyule Community Health service, a very well regarded individual in Heidelberg West and right across the electorate of Ivanhoe. We know that Mick will do a great job in his leadership of the community health service. He has the support of the community there in West Heidelberg.
We look forward to the health minister visiting the Ivanhoe electorate and particularly the community health service to have discussion about a lot of the great work that they provide, including the dental health services. I know they have pioneered some great work, particularly a lot of the private work they do that funds the great work they do for the public sector there. The great little cafe at the Banyule Community Health site is just the place you want to be when you have the opportunity to meet and greet and catch up with all the goings on in West Heidelberg.
Can I say that what is particularly important for the minister to understand are the opportunities for Banyule Community Health to be a great innovative service. We have had in recent times the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation visit to meet the staff at the Gambler’s Help North and North Western service in West Heidelberg — the best Gambler’s Help service in suburban Melbourne. It was a great opportunity to hear from the people at the coalface about the work that they do in our community. I know that Minister Hennessy will be very welcome at the community health service to talk about some of the innovative practices. It is also co located, as the Attorney General would know, with the West Heidelberg Community Legal Service, whose patron is a former Premier, John Cain, who is also a constituent of the Ivanhoe electorate.
We have a great history in West Heidelberg, and of course there is the Greensborough site of the Banyule Community Health service. We would like to work on a range of initiatives that continue to advance the interests of people right across our electorate of Ivanhoe, but also those in West Heidelberg. I look forward to the minister visiting very soon.