Olympia Housing Initiative

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I raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Housing. The action I seek is for the minister to publicly release details of how many public housing dwellings have been sold in the 3081 postcode area, and how many new public housing dwellings have been let to tenants under the government’s Olympia housing initiative.

On page 89 of budget paper 4, under the 2014-15 state capital program, it is noted that the ‘Heidelberg redevelopment — 600 units’ had received a total estimated investment of $160 million.

However, as at 30 June 2014 only $12 million was expected to be expended, with an estimated expenditure in 2014-15 of $19 million.

That leaves a remaining expenditure amount of $128 million, and an estimated completion date of 2021-22.

I refer to an article in the Heidelberg Leader of 7 August 2013 headed ‘MP slams housing go-slow.
As the needy wait, just 12 of 600 properties completed’.

It states:

Just 12 public houses and units have been built in Banyule out of 600, one year into a $160 million project.

We have now reached the second anniversary of that project, yet the government refuses to indicate how many public housing dwellings have been let and how many public housing dwellings in the 3081 postcode have been sold.

This is meant to be a self-funding initiative, yet the government refuses to provide any details as to how many tenants have been let into new Olympia housing initiative properties or how many public housing properties in postcode 3081 have been sold.

While we have record numbers of people waiting for public housing in my electorate and particularly in the West Heidelberg, Bellfield and Heidelberg Heights areas, this project, which is all about a lot of colour and movement and noise, provides no net extra housing for public housing tenants on record waiting lists under this government.

I note also that we have been provided with no details as to how many new properties have been let and how many new properties have been constructed and commissioned.

We also have no details from the government as to how many public housing dwellings have already been sold to fund this initiative for which the government has provided no new money.

We see many public housing properties up for sale in my electorate, usually on quarter-acre blocks and usually for private use and high-density development, yet we do not see any of the public housing properties being built.

The estimates in the budget papers show quite clearly that the government is not meeting its target, and with only 12 homes being commissioned a year and up to 600 units in 10 years under this project, the government is a long way behind.

The local community wants some action and some answers. If the government is proud of this project it should publicly release these details about public housing in West Heidelberg.