Extra Buses for Viewbank

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Friday 24 July 2015

The Member for Ivanhoe, Mr Anthony Carbines, advises that as a result of his lobbying of Public Transport Victoria (PTV) additional bus services have now been introduced to Viewbank College.

“The extra buses, from the Dyson Group of Companies, include an additional afternoon
school bus service to Greensborough Station, and the Shopping Centre, on route 517.  There is also a re-alignment of the school bus services, both morning and afternoon, to  and from Heidelberg so that it now travels via Rosanna Station.”

“The additional service and re-alignments increase the capacity and allow an extra
72 students to travel to Greensborough, and an extra 50 students to use the Heidelberg service for travel to and from Rosanna Station.  This will significantly reduce overcrowding on the service for both students and the
general public”, Mr Carbines added.

When confirming the new arrangements, The Dyson group also contacted all schools in
their network to remind students of the legal requirement to touch on and touch off their Myki cards every time they travel, and that there are enough funds available on the card to cover the cost of the trip.  This responsibility includes students with six monthly or yearly passes.

“I’m glad that Dysons put out that reminder.  It applies to all public transport, not just buses.It’s important not only from the legal standpoint, but it also provides very valuable data on usage patterns.  This information can be used in the argument for the provision of even more additional services in very busy times”, Mr Carbines observed. 

Quotes attributable to the Member for Ivanhoe, Mr Anthony Carbines MP

“The data collected on bus usage, and the most frequently used stops, will be used to help plan for an even better system in the future.”

“Extra 517 bus services for Viewbank was an election commitment.  We know the area is a black hole for public transport services.  I am pleased that the Andrews Labor Government delivered this promise in our first year in office.”