Local wildlife rehabilitation grant

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The State Member for Ivanhoe, Mr Anthony Carbines, congratulated local wildlife rehabilitator Julie Malherbe who has received a Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants Program allocation of $1125 to support their valuable work.

As part of the Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants Program a total of $181,000 has been awarded to 130 carers and operators across Victoria including 94 shelter operators and 36 foster carers.

“These grants support our accredited wildlife carers who put in their own time and money to rescue and rehabilitate sick or injured wildlife and release them back into the wild”, Mr Carbines said.

“I congratulate Victoria’s wildlife rehabilitators who have been awarded these grants to help cover the costs of their important work in looking after sick or injured animals”, he added.

The grants are part of the Victorian Government’s $241,000 Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants Program supporting authorised shelter operators and foster carers who volunteer their time to rehabilitate thousands of sick, injured and orphaned animals for release.

As part of the program three wildlife institutions  – Zoos Victoria, Phillip Island Nature Park and the Dolphin Research Institute – have already received $61,000 in funding.

The grants are used to cover the cost of purchasing protective clothing and equipment to
assist with wildlife rescue after bushfires, as well as training and education. The grants can also be used for maintaining or upgrading facilities such as cages.

 “We rely on volunteers to look after injured wildlife and release them back into the wild – these grants help to cover the costs of this important work”, Mr Carbines concluded.