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Hon John Cain

February 4, 2020

I rise to support the condolence for the Honourable John Cain. Melbourne’s northern suburbs have carried heavy hearts these past weeks since the passing of Victoria’s 41st Premier, the Honourable John Cain. Here are some local reflections on someone who so often was a familiar and reassuring presence in the Ivanhoe community that was his home.

There was a steady stream of inquiries to our electorate office in the lead-up to yesterday’s heartfelt memorial service. Locals were anxious to be there, to share their memories, to pay their respects, to give thanks and to show their support for John’s wife, Nancye, and the family. For so many people the election of John Cain and the government he led was the first time generations of Victorians cast a successful vote to elect a state Labor government. It changed their lives; the Cain government gave moral and legislative effect to their values.