Hurstbridge line level crossing removals

Mr CARBINES (Ivanhoe) (14:08:43) — I rise to congratulate the local community on their perseverance, support and hard work in seeing two level crossings removed on the Hurstbridge line and the reopening of train services last Friday. The $395 million project has seen the level crossing removed at Lower Plenty Road, over which some 25 000 cars a day travel. The Grange Road level crossing at Alphington has also been removed, over which 17 000 cars a day travel. A big part of this project was also clearing the bottleneck between Heidelberg and Rosanna, which we campaigned for long and hard. It was a $140 million project in its own right.

I want to thank the 1000‑odd workers who worked through that six‑week construction blitz. They included people from the motor vehicle industry transition workforce who have found employment on our projects. I also thank the Rosanna Village traders. I thank all those construction workers who, day and night, took the time to engage with the community and explain the work that they were doing — they are proud of the job that they did — but also acknowledge the perseverance of the local community.

We are not done yet; there are lots of civil works and rats‑and‑mice jobs to complete. We will do that in good faith, but it was exciting to be back on the train and knowing there will be two extra peak‑hour services in the new timetable from August. This is transforming the Hurstbridge line for commuters in the north‑east. This will add value to people’s commute and value to our communities for many decades to come. Congratulations one and all.