Hurstbridge rail line

Mr CARBINES (Ivanhoe) (09:55:50) — It is day 12 of the rail occupation and our construction blitz on the Hurstbridge line, a $395 million upgrade in our community, which includes the replacement of the Grange Road level crossing with a rail trench. I want to commend the late member for Northcote, Fiona Richardson, on getting that project moving, and in particular I commend Shaun Leane in the Council for his leadership. He is working with me to make sure that we get that project completed.

The duplication of the rail line between Heidelberg and Rosanna is a $140 million project of its own. It is a project we fought for in my community. We are removing what has been a bottleneck for a century on the rail line. There will be a new extra rail tunnel at Darebin Street; a new extra rail bridge at Burgundy Street, Heidelberg; a new Rosanna train station; and the removal of the boom gates at Lower Plenty Road. The morning peak at Lower Plenty Road has seen those boom gates down for some 45 minutes. Can you believe it? Upgrades to Rosanna shopping village and new bicycle trails are also part of that project.

I thank the Level Crossing Removal Authority and the traders at Rosanna. We had a successful village Easter carnival on the weekend. We are supporting our local traders. We are engaging them in opportunities to make sure that their businesses are supported. As a regular rail commuter, and again this morning, can I also thank the mighty bus drivers and Transport Workers Union members for the work they are doing in the community. One hundred and seventy‑six thousand commuters have been moved in 12 days on our buses in replacement of the rail. I know that people are putting up with the pain, but they understand the long‑term gain. We will get this project done. Well done to everybody.