Ivanhoe electorate education provision plan

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My adjournment matter is for the attention of the Minister for Education, and the action I seek is that the minister and his department commence the 3079 and 3081 education provision plan review in the Ivanhoe electorate. This important election commitment, which was made by the minister when he was in opposition, is about schools in the Ivanhoe electorate with the postcodes of 3079 and 3081. I am talking about Ivanhoe Primary School, where my mother taught for a decade; Ivanhoe East Primary School; the Olympic Village campus of Charles La Trobe College; and many other schools in these postcodes that provide great services to the local community.

The review does not just apply to government schools. I am also talking about Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School — it is a great school, and some students from there visited Parliament today — and many of the Catholic schools, which are popular and serve the Ivanhoe electorate in these postcodes well, including St Pius X Primary School, St Bernadette’s Primary School and others.

What is important as part of the education provision plan review is to do the work and to consult with the school communities, the local residents, the council and other stakeholders in those suburbs. Let us put anecdotes aside. Let us get the data. Let us talk to parents, school councils and those who are on the ground and make some decisions about the investments we need to make in the Ivanhoe electorate around education to best meet the needs of the future.

The education minister, on behalf of the Andrews government, has given Viewbank College in the electorate of Ivanhoe an $11.5 million upgrade commitment. It is one of only two government secondary schools in the Ivanhoe electorate. This is part of a larger issue of the closure of schools in the Ivanhoe electorate, with the sale of land by the previous Liberal government to Banyule City Council for the purpose of housing developments.

We need to make sure we meet the education needs of our local communities. It is important that the Department of Education and Training makes sure it can demonstrate to the community that the government has a plan for the future and that it makes informed investment decisions. Is it about new schools and new investment, or is it about investing in the current great schools in the Ivanhoe electorate to make sure they meet the needs of our local community into the future?

The education provision plan review was an election commitment, and it is the kind of detailed work that this government is serious about doing. I know the education minister will move on this plan so that we get this work underway in this part of the year. If the review can be completed by the end of this year or early next year, that will be great. We can then get on with informing further investment in the Ivanhoe electorate so that schools such as Rosanna Golf Links Primary School, St Martin of Tours Primary School and Viewbank College, where I went to school, all receive money under the Andrews Labor government.