Ivanhoe electorate: government performance

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Merry Christmas to you, Speaker. It is a great shame that unfortunately in the Ivanhoe electorate Scrooge is dominating our area — the Christmas Scrooge of the Baillieu government. The second stage of Charles La Trobe College is unfunded by this government. The Liberal government has refused to fund the Olympic Village campus redevelopment, despite commitments made by the previous Labor government.

A commitment of up to $750 000 to redevelop Ivanhoe library has been rejected by this Liberal government. No funding has been made available through Infrastructure Australia to deal with any matters that would make Rosanna Road safe for local residents. There has been the refusal to enable Rosanna Golf Links Primary School to move on from master planning, funded by the previous Labor government.

We have also seen the refusal by this Liberal government to provide up to $500 000 for Cartledge Reserve committed by the Labor government. The Heidelberg West police station remains closed despite denials on the part of this government. We believe in Father Christmas in Ivanhoe, but we do not believe in this Liberal government or this Premier’s commitment to the northern suburbs.