Ivanhoe Electorate – Reconciliation Banyule

Mr CARBINES (Ivanhoe) (11:58:44) — (13 406) My constituency question is to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, and I seek information on behalf of my constituents, in particular Reconciliation Banyule, on the progress of the treaty process that the minister is overseeing. I note that on 27 October 2017 the minister outlined that recruitment for the Victorian treaty advancement commissioner had officially opened and the minister noted that the appointment of the commissioner is a landmark next step towards establishing the Victorian Aboriginal community and the Victorian government as equal partners in the treaty process. I want to acknowledge the great work and advocacy of Reconciliation Banyule in my electorate. I know that they would be very keen to understand the further progress on the treaty process, and I look forward to receiving information on the progress of those matters from the minister.