Ivanhoe Electorate – Rosanna Road

Mr CARBINES (Ivanhoe) (11:48:48) — (13 719) My constituency question is to the Minister for Police, and the information I seek is on the progress of the installation of fixed safety cameras at the intersection of Banyule Road and Rosanna Road. This fixed safety camera site was approved by the independent site selection committee in writing to me in about September, after a significant lobbying effort on my part and from the local community, the Resolve Rosanna Road Group and others. We are very keen given that intersection is used by people to the west of Rosanna Road to get to Banyule Primary School. It is a very busy thoroughfare. It is a dangerous intersection, and we know that action to get those speed and safety red‑light cameras installed will affect driver behaviour and will have a positive effect on safety in the local community. It is another indication of the work that we are doing to make safety improvements on Rosanna Road, and I look forward to hearing further on the matter.