La Trobe University 50th Anniversary

Mr CARBINES (Ivanhoe) — Thank you, Deputy Speaker, and I congratulate you, the member for Bendigo West, on your election to Deputy Speaker.

I quote:

The true measure of a university’s greatness is the total effect it has on human welfare and progress.

So said Professor David Myers, the founding vice-chancellor of La Trobe University. From 1967 to 2017 — happy 50th birthday, La Trobe University. It is a true beacon of enlightenment and hope for generations of students in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and also of course to other campuses and students across regional Victoria.

I encourage all members to take a moment this week to visit La Trobe University’s exhibition in Queen’s Hall. La Trobe is on the border, the doorstep, of the Ivanhoe electorate, and I am thankful for the ongoing strong relationship between the government and La Trobe to advance the educational opportunities for Victorians, particularly in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and regional Victoria.