Macleod Station Bicycle Parking

Mr CARBINES (Ivanhoe) (23:45:10) — (13 302) The item I would like to raise is for the attention of the Minister for Public Transport, and the action I seek is the installation of bicycle loops at Macleod railway station. Speaker, you would be well aware, as a previous member for the suburb of Macleod, which I gratefully inherited from you at the last redistribution, that with the fantastic redevelopment of the Rosanna station, which is now closed while we remove the level crossing at Lower Plenty Road, build a new Rosanna station and duplicate the track between Heidelberg and Rosanna — that is over $300 million of investment in my electorate to upgrade public transport facilities — of course there is a greater proportion of people who are now using bus replacements to both Macleod and Heidelberg while Rosanna station is out of action and there are bus replacements.

As a Rosanna resident I am encouraging people like myself to use Macleod station, which is of course to the north. It is a bit easier sometimes to get to — a better gradient — rather than heading to Heidelberg on the replacement bus. What I have noticed is that very many residents locally who are going to Macleod are chaining their bikes up to handrails and near pedestrian walkways because there are only four bicycle loops at Macleod station to chain your bike up to. When you think of the thousands of people who are using Macleod station every day, it is fair and reasonable, I think, for Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) to invest in some extra bicycle loops at Macleod station to account for the extra people from Rosanna who are choosing to ride their bikes to Macleod, like my good self as a Rosanna resident. There are no Parkiteer facilities there, but I am certainly pursuing that in the budget process.

What would be great would be some extra bicycle loops at Macleod station rather than people chaining their bikes up to handrails and pedestrian crossings, which is also taking up footpath space. That is not acceptable or reasonable. What we need to see is MTM, Metro, actually investing in the services that the community needs, certainly for cyclists in my electorate who are doing the right thing and making their way to Macleod station. Get up there and have a look. There are some unacceptable places that people are chaining their bikes up to. Also it means that you have protective services officers and security cameras keeping an eye on your belongings and your property if you are able to chain up at the station as opposed to other places. I would encourage the minister to investigate and report back on Metro delivering extra bike loops at Macleod station.