Melbourne Polytechnic

Mr CARBINES (Ivanhoe) — (12 929) My adjournment matter is directed to the Minister for Training and Skills in the other place. The action I seek is for the minister to provide details on how the Andrews government is securing the financial future of Melbourne Polytechnic. In particular, the West Heidelberg campus of Melbourne Polytechnic has suffered very significant cuts — $25 million just in one instance under the previous Baillieu‑Napthine governments — to the extent that to raise revenue in West Heidelberg, can you believe it, the TAFE campus decided to implement parking meters in the TAFE students car park to raise revenue to pay bills after $25 million was cut by the previous Baillieu‑Napthine governments.

Can I say also that we have seen great strides taken both by the present minister and by the previous Minister for Training and Skills, who was also in the other place, a former member for Eltham and former member for Northern Victoria Region. There is also the work that the current minister has done to turn around the prospects and the opportunities for young people in north‑east Melbourne through the work that Melbourne Polytechnic has been able to undertake and the opportunities, as we have seen through the reopening of the Greensborough campus of Melbourne Polytechnic with my colleagues the members for Eltham and Bundoora.

These are very significant advances that are providing opportunities for young people and those in my community seeking career changes to prosper. I recall when my mother was doing some further training in her career and doing secretarial studies at the campus on St Georges Road of the then Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE — a very long time ago. This led to opportunities for her, post‑children, to get back into working at schools in administrative areas before she then went on to do her own teaching degrees and to teach children in my electorate at places like Ivanhoe Primary School.

The opportunities that TAFE has provided people over the decades to retrain and to enter the workforce have been absolutely critical. There has been work done by our government to reinvest in Melbourne Polytechnic and to provide opportunities for people at the West Heidelberg campus to get the training and skills they need, to prime them and to find them links to jobs in the north‑eastern suburbs. Reopening that Greensborough campus was a very significant, iconic and demonstrable example of what this government is committed to in terms of people’s jobs and training prospects. Still, I am keen to hear what further work our government is doing to secure the financial future and prospects of people seeking work and training in the Ivanhoe electorate.