Northern Football League

I want to congratulate the Northern Football League on another successful season and finals series. Heidelberg won the flag this season 12.13 (85) against Macleod 9.15 (69). I congratulate Heidelberg, where I had the opportunity to play some junior footy a very long time ago, and of course my commiserations go to the great Macleod side, which won the division 1 flag last year for the first time in 44 years. To Mark Lynch, the president, and to the committee at Macleod Football Club, my congratulations on a great year — six players made the Northern Football League division 1 team of the year and Garry Ramsay won coach of the year for 2016, an overdue acknowledgement of his achievements at senior level and his stature in the game. In fact he said just recently in the local newspaper:

There was a lot of people that had kids, started businesses, went well with their studies and work, so it has been a real positive environment and that is what we want to create at Macleod.

We just don’t want to be a good football team, but we want to have good people and create a good environment where it is a high achieving place.

What’s happened is we have played ourselves into a situation where it is only going to be a premiership that totally satisfies us …

I commend those comments from coach Gaz. I also say that the captain of the division 1 team, Kane Shaw, played his 250th game in the grand final, and I wish him well in his endeavours overseas. Next year they will miss you at Our Lady of Mercy College in Heidelberg while you are teaching in Japan. My congratulations also to Lucas Hobbs, the best and fairest winner of the Tom Melican medal.