Northern Suburbs Transport Infrastructure

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A future Andrews Labor government will enforce a truck curfew at night on Rosanna Road and Greensborough Road. We will work with the Rosanna Road residents group to implement that policy.

I live in Rosanna, and I hear the B-doubles and other heavy vehicles using the local roads between Western Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway through Banyule.

When East Link opened we got more traffic on Rosanna Road and Greensborough Road.

The Napthine government’s east-west dud tunnel will bring even more traffic to Rosanna Road and Greensborough Road. How do you get to the dud tunnel unless you drive through Banyule?

The Abbott federal government took $3 billion from the upgrade to the Western Ring Road to help local residents and motorists in the northern suburbs and instead put it towards the dud $8 billion tunnel.

Residents in the northern suburbs of Melbourne will pay for that lack of $3 billion investment in the Western Ring Road.

Residents in the eastern suburbs want to get to the city and not to the western suburbs.

Building Melbourne Metro rail and expanding the city loop will get more cars off our roads. Labor’s plan to duplicate the Chandler Highway Bridge will fix this RACV red spot congestion bottleneck.

Residents of Rosanna, Macleod, Yallambie, Viewbank, Heidelberg and Ivanhoe want investment in public transport.

They want the truck curfew at night on Rosanna Road and Greensborough Road to improve amenity, safety and liveability.

Only Labor will ban trucks and heavy vehicles on Rosanna Road and Greensborough Road. Only Labor will improve the amenity and safety of those roads for local residents.

Only Labor has a plan to invest in public transport to provide three extra peak services on the Hurstbridge line, double the size of the city loop and build Melbourne Metro rail.