Olympic Adult Education

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I rise to acknowledge the great work of Olympic Adult Education, West Heidelberg’s own neighbourhood house, based in my electorate of Ivanhoe. Last Sunday, 26 February, Olympic Adult Education staff members, students and volunteers ran the sausage sizzle at the local Bunnings store across the Darebin Creek boundary I share with the member for Preston. I also volunteered a couple of hours on the stall with my wife, who is an OAE board member. I would like to thank Bunnings and its staff for this longstanding community initiative which provides local community organisations with an opportunity to raise funds and to promote the work they do in our towns and suburbs.

I am advised that some 70 kilograms of snags were cooked up on the day, and despite some inclement weather there was the potential to raise several thousand dollars from this initiative. I am just glad I did not get the job of cutting up the onions.

Olympic Adult Education is a community-based registered training organisation specialising in English and literacy courses, and vocational education and training. As an adult, community and further education provider OAE plays a critical role in empowering local residents through education. OAE has offices in Southern Road in West Heidelberg and at the Banyule Community Health Service.

I commend OAE’s manager, Louise Terranova, and staff for providing opportunities for local residents through affordable education and training programs in a friendly yet professional environment, which strengthens our community and allows more Victorians to participate in the workforce and contribute to their community.