Rosanna – Banyule Roads

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My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the action I seek is that the minister assess and fund safety improvements for pedestrians at the traffic light intersection at Banyule and Rosanna roads, Rosanna. I note from an article in the Heidelberg Leader, ‘Young lives at risk — mum pleads for safety’:

A worried mum is begging Banyule council to step in before someone is killed by speeding cars running red lights at a busy Rosanna Road intersection.

And while authorities have a plan to fix the dangerous crossing, no level of government has stumped up the money needed to solve the growing problem.

Ms Cassar has two young children — a three-year-old who attends kinder and a six-year-old prep at Banyule Primary School — and both have to cross the rat-run arterial road.

‘The number of times that I and other parents have not only witnessed but almost had to pull our children back from cars racing through red lights at that intersection is beyond belief’, Ms Cassar said.

Last week I was with Ms Zoe Cassar at that intersection and understand why perhaps it does not meet the warrants for a supervised crossing, because most parents would make sure that they do not allow their children to cross at that intersection, given the danger. We do need to improve pedestrian access and safety at that intersection, just as we do at Darebin Street and Rosanna Road near Heidelberg Primary School, which actually has a supervised crossing, but there is no 40-kilometre zone there. There are no flashing lights or warnings for motorists that they need to slow down, yet that is a supervised crossing. I know that because we take our daughter across the road to the Goodstart childcare centre, and we have a rule that we do not walk across that crossing; we drive across and park out the front of the childcare centre because of the risk at that intersection.

That is outside a school-supervised crossing, but the maximum speed there is 60 kilometres per hour. There is no 40-kilometres-per-hour zone there. That is another issue, but it just shows that we need to improve safety along Rosanna Road and we need to improve access for pedestrians.

I note that VicRoads, in its comments to the Heidelberg Leader, said that it had developed a road safety proposal for Rosanna Road. That is something that I think needs to be actioned by the government, and the minister needs to take a closer look at that. We have worked hard to implement our election commitment for a curfew on trucks on Rosanna Road, which has been in place for some time now and has alleviated many issues for residents. But what is important is that families in Rosanna — and I am a Rosanna resident — want to cross the road and get to Banyule Primary School, so the intersection of Rosanna Road and Banyule Road needs to be improved.

Banyule City Council has indicated that it does not want to involve itself in this matter. I am not interested in buck shoving. My view is that local elected representatives have to defend and advance the interests of their community and they have to take responsibility. I will continue to work with Rosanna residents to ensure these matters are dealt with and that we improve safety at that intersection for all pedestrians. I know that the Minister for Roads and Road Safety will act on this matter. I look forward to continuing to work with him to resolve this issue.