Rosanna Road intersections

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I refer to an article in the Heidelberg Leaderof 15 March headed ‘Young lives at risk — mum pleads for safety’, and I quote:

A worried mum is begging Banyule council to step in before someone is killed by speeding cars running red lights at a busy Rosanna Road intersection.

And while authorities have a plan to fix the dangerous crossing, no level of government has stumped up the money needed to solve the growing problem.

I know Zoe Cassar — we met at that intersection of Banyule Road and Rosanna Road just last week. Kids were trying to get to Banyule Primary School. The intersection does not meet the traffic counts, according to Banyule City Council, needed to have a supervised crossing, but why would you cross there? Parents and children are scared to use Rosanna Road at Banyule Road because it is not safe for pedestrians.

At the intersection of Darebin Road and Rosanna Road, outside Heidelberg Primary School, we have a supervised crossing. That supervisor takes her life in her hands every day for school students. There is no 40-kilometre-an-hour zone there, but it is a supervised crossing. It is not safe. We need to improve pedestrian safety on Rosanna Road at those two intersections — Darebin Road and Rosanna Road, and Banyule Road and Rosanna Road.

I am not interested in the duckshoving and the finger-pointing in Banyule City Council. Every elected representative has a responsibility to their community to make sure people are safe and to hold VicRoads accountable to deliver for local communities, which it is not doing. I will hold VicRoads accountable, and I will work with the community as a Rosanna resident to make sure that VicRoads pulls its weight and delivers safety outcomes for our community.