Rosanna Road Safety Initiatives

Mr CARBINES (Ivanhoe) (19:15:48) — (13 420) My adjournment item is for the Minister for Police, and the action I seek is for the installation of a fixed road safety camera at the intersection of Rosanna Road and Banyule Road as approved by Victoria Police’s fixed camera site selection committee on 1 September 2017.

I would like to draw attention to a letter I received from Victoria Police Superintendent Donald Downes, chair of the fixed camera site selection committee, on 18 September 2017. That was in response to my letter of 25 July 2017 requesting installation of fixed safety cameras on Rosanna Road at the Lower Plenty Road and Banyule Road intersection. I was pleased to be informed by Victoria Police on 18 September that they had approved road safety cameras at that intersection of Rosanna Road and Banyule Road. This intersection is used very frequently by families in my electorate to get their children to and from Banyule Primary School, a great primary school in the middle of my electorate with very significant enrolments and a school for which in this year’s budget we approved $1 million for master planning.

In relation to road safety I want to acknowledge the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, who has contributed some $850 000 for road safety improvements on Rosanna Road between Lower Plenty Road and Burgundy Street. Those works have now been completed based on safety audits from VicRoads, but what has been critical is the identification through this independent fixed camera site selection committee, which has approved and recommended to the government — certainly from lobbying and work from Resolve Rosanna Road residents group, who act to prioritise safety improvements along the Rosanna Road corridor and from lobbying on my part — that the intersection of Rosanna Road and Banyule Road, Rosanna, should have those safety cameras installed.

We want to see the installation of those as soon as possible. It is a very difficult intersection, not only for pedestrians but particularly for those travelling north–south and those seeking to turn right into Banyule Road. Sitting there at those intersections we need to not only obey the road rules but drive behaviour and hold drivers accountable, particularly those passing through who are not local residents and do not show the respect that they should in the local community. These fixed road safety cameras are critical. It has been approved by an expert, independent committee, and it is now for our government to get the installation done. I look forward to hearing from the minister. I am thankful for her advocacy and lobbying to also make sure that this has been secured. I know together we will get this implemented to save lives and protect our community.