Rosanna Road Safety Initiatives

I rise to thank the Minister for Roads and Road Safety for meeting in my electorate office in Rosanna last Friday with the Honourable Jenny Macklin, MP, federal member for Jagajaga; senior officers from VicRoads; members of the local community group Resolve Rosanna Road, Natasha Reifschneider and George Kio; and local councillor Tom Melican from Banyule City Council.

The meeting provided a further opportunity to discuss progress and data relating to the Rosanna Road truck curfew, an election commitment of the Andrews government. Further, a detailed briefing was provided on the $850 000 worth of road safety initiatives that the minister announced last month that will fund further upgrades to Rosanna Road. Banyule council also provided details on its decision to fund a supervised crossing at Banyule and Rosanna roads.

I thank the members of the Resolve Rosanna Road committee for their constructive engagement with all levels of government. We will continue to work together on improvements for safety. We will do the hard work. We will get the benefits of that hard work through the support of the Andrews government which time and time again is working with the local community to make progressive improvements to the safety of Rosanna Road.