The Third Chair

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The Banksia Palliative Care Service has provided specialist care for over 7000 people living at home or in aged-care facilities in my electorate of Ivanhoe who have been diagnosed with a progressive terminal illness.

I was pleased to be at the launch of a book called The Third Chair, by Iris Crook, which is the diary of a daughter coping with the challenges of her mother’s terminal illness. Fifty per cent of the proceeds of the sale of the book will go to the Banksia Palliative Care Service, which provides a great service to families in my electorate.

I note that Banksia is now looking after 500 families and people every year. The book is one I commend to people who are struggling with issues related to progressive terminal illness, and I commend Iris Crook on committing her memories to paper and raising funds for the Banksia Palliative Care Service.