Viewbank silos

Mr CARBINES (Ivanhoe) (14:29:28) — The State government has completed extensive restoration works to repair the three heritage‑listed Viewbank silos, and I was pleased to attend the community’s celebration and to officiate at the rededication last Friday. There was no better place to spend my birthday than with local residents at a celebration of the heritage‑listed Viewbank silos, now looking much better than they have for many years. The funding was provided to Parks Victoria by the Living Heritage Grants program, which is administered by Heritage Victoria. The final commitment of some $170 000 enabled reconstruction of all three silo roofs, including additional strengthening works approved by Heritage Victoria.

The three silos are part of the Viewbank Homestead site, which is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and managed by Parks Victoria. The silos are the only intact structures remaining from the dairy which operated there from 1922 to 1974. They have long been a landmark in the Yarra Valley landscape, particularly around Viewbank. As a past resident of Viewbank and of Bannockburn Road and a past student of Viewbank College, I know how important it is to invest in our past and in our heritage and what these silos mean to the local community. I want to thank McCorkell Construction. This project was very challenging and unique work for their tradies. I congratulate the local community on being a big part of the petitions and celebrating the work and for their advocacy to secure the funding to improve our Viewbank silos.