Constituency Question No 6145

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Constituency Questions No 6145 

Assembly 59
Parliament First Session 


Asked: 18 November 2021
Ivanhoe electorate

Mr Carbines to ask the Minister for Public Transport — 

(6145) My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport, and the information I seek is an update on the truck curfew on Rosanna Road. We have obviously had to delay or suspend the truck curfew during the COVID pandemic in the main through lockdown to ensure that vital supplies from Transport Workers Union drivers and many others in our community that keep the state running get to businesses and shopping centres and move around our city. It has been vital throughout the pandemic for those workers and transport workers to be able to do their job, but of course support has been provided by local residents in my electorate, who have copped a fair bit of heavy traffic outside those curfew hours, to get that curfew back on track—I am keen to hear about that from local residents—a curfew implemented as an election commitment by our government. Of course the big plan there is the North East Link and the huge investment we are making to deliver that project under the Andrews government, but in the short term getting that curfew back on track would be great.


10 December 2021

I thank the Member for Ivanhoe for his question and for his ongoing advocacy on this issue on behalf of his community. The Victorian Government introduced exemptions to truck curfews to support deliveries to Victorian pharmacies and supermarkets during COVID-19 restrictions. This exemption ceased at 11.59pm on 5 November 2021. The Department of Transport (DoT) will work with local government, communities, and industry to ensure truck curfews are complied with and enforced when necessary on local roads. The Hon Ben Carroll MP Minister for Public Transport Minister for Roads and Road Safety.